MicroTouch Titanium Trim 2021

MicroTouch Titanium Trim
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How does the Micro Touch Titanium Trim work?

The official review claims that the Micro Touch Titanium Trim features a completely new design where the blades are located on side of the trimmer, something like a comb. This new design supposedly lets you cut your hair with confidence. You hold the TitaniumTrim.com trimmer just like a comb and the smooth combing like action trims/cuts the hair. https://fortyreviews.com/electronics/microtouch-titanium-trim-reviews/

Attachments: The TitaniumTrim.com Trimmer comes with 5 attachments – Long, Medium, Short, Beard and Body, and the Blade Guard.

90 Degree Offset Blades: The Micro Touch Titanium Trim claims to feature Micro-polished stainless-steel blades bonded with titanium. The titanium bonding helps the blades to stay shaper for a longer time and is corrosion resistant. the comb like position of the blades makes it convenient to use on the head hair.

Handle – The Titanium Trim handle extends to 40 mm to give you the reach needed to go to hard to reach areas like the back and neck.

200 RPM – We are not impressed by the 200 RPM revolutions of the Titanium Trim blades. The professional quality branded electric clippers have an RPM of anywhere between 5000 to 7500. Some have RPM has high as 12000.




How is Micro Touch Titanium Trim different?

While other groomers/trimmers have a traditional design that is more suited for shaving beard, the TitaniumTrim.com Micro Touch is more like a comb and primarily designed to cut hair.

Micro Touch Titanium Trim Pricing

Micro Touch Titanium Trim with its 5 attachments and 2 AA batteries is priced at $29.99 + $4.99 Shipping and Handling. The Micro Touch Titanium Trim is available at the official website TitaniumTrim.com only.

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MicroTouch Titanium Trim 2021

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